Top 10 Vacation Spots in USA

Ready to dust off your passport and visit the top 10 vacation spots in USA? Vacation season will be quickly upon us, and soon the kids will be out of school. So, whether you are looking for a family friendly trip or an action packed outdoor adventure, our list of the top 10 vacation spots in USA has something for you.

1.  U.S. Virgin Islands

Top 10 vacation spots in USA

The U.S. Virgin Islands tops our list of the top 10 vacation spots in USA. There is truly something for everyone. There is beautiful national parks to hike in, sunbathing on gorgeous beaches, and some of the best boutiques out there.  It has been often said that you can get the best deals on diamonds and other jewelry while visiting.

2.  Orlando-Walt Disney World

Top ten vacation spots in USA

Orlando is usually considered a “family vacation. However, this year we decided to put it on our top 10 vacation spots in USA list. There is so much more to Orlando and Disney than a family good time. More and more adults are now heading to Orlando without the kids because the Disney Imagineers have worked hard to make sure even the adults can escape reality for awhile.

3.  New Orleans

Top 10 vacation spots in US

Out of all the cities on our list, none has more culture and uniqueness than the Big Easy. The city is a hodge podge of ethnicities, including Caribbean, European, and African. Bear in mind, Mardi Gras may not be the best time to take smaller children to the city. However, during normal times, there is plenty for the entire family to enjoy.

4.   Seattle

Top ten vacation spots in US

There is a misconception that Seattle is dreary and soggy. However, looking beyond the weather, Seattle offers a laid back atmosphere. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and breweries. But, if you are feeling especially daring, head to Pike Place Market and toss some fish with the Seattleites!

5.   Anchorage

Top 10 tourist spots in USA

Alaska for vacation? Why yes indeed! Anchorage offers a diverse cultural experience from museums to heritage centers. If you are the avid outdoors person, you will find some of the best hiking along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and in Kincaid Park.

6.   Napa Valley

Top ten tourist spots in USA

Napa is known as the wine capital of the US. There are picturesque rolling hills filled with grapevines. In addition, there is gourmet cuisine, beautiful boutique hotels, and a relaxed ambiance that will leave you well rested after your vacation.

7.   Sedona

Top ten tourist spots in US

Sedona boasts some of the most majestic landscapes in the US. For those looking for a quiet, tranquil vacation, there are spas and gorgeous boutique resorts. However, if you are ready to don your hiking boots, there are many places to rock climb and hike.

8.   Miami Beach

Top 10 tourist spots in US

Between the gorgeous beaches and the amazing nightlife, Miami Beach has it all! Beyond that, there is great shopping that rivals New York City and amazing museums, botanical gardens, and of course, there is bound to be a celebrity sighting or two!

9.   Charleston

Top 10 tourist spots to visit in the US

Charleston exudes southern charm! There is everything from beautiful architecture to equally as beautiful beaches. There is an abundance of historic sites to visit and some amazing museums. And, you can’t go to Charleston without trying some of the down home southern cuisine.

10.  Savannah

Top ten tourist spots to visit in the US

Keeping with southern charm, Savannah has the charm and elegance all rolled into one. There are beautiful parks in each square of the Historic District, gorgeous Civil War era architecture, and cuisine that will leave you begging for more!


There is no need to leave the United States on your next trip, just head to one of the top 10 vacation spots in USA listed above! There is something for just about everyone!

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